Attention: Small Business Owners…

Did you buy into the myth that owning your own business would make you more money, give you more time and guarantee you greater freedom than working for someone else?
The fact is it can but not by following the ‘established norms’ that so many business owners follow…

Hi, my name is Christine Litera, author of “Grow Your People; Grow Your Business” and I’d like to invite you to attend a very special FREE webinar event titled:

“More Profits – Less Meetings”

In this webinar training, you’ll discover the answers every small business owner needs to know, including…

…why business plans are B.S. and why you will never reach your business goals using them

…why you should never replace a staff member who leaves no matter how much you think you need to

…how to avoid “death by meeting” put your profits on autopilot and reduce the time you spend managing staff by 78%.

So if you’re serious about wanting to take your business to the next level, are tired of babysitting staff members who can’t do what you need and prepare business plans each year that never get looked at then this webinar is for you.

Join me for my Live Webinar


Monday 8th May 8.00PM AEST

(7.30 Adelaide; 6.00 Perth)

Why you need to attend…

“Prior to working with Christine I was quite depressed and wasn’t enjoying work. I had lost my passion which was heartbreaking. Now things have changed, our business is automated, our interaction as a leadership team, and that is 100% due to Christine.”

Lucinda Correl

“Christine was able to identify the frustrations for me personally, in my business. Now big things are happening. Having Christine in our corner gives me confidence and I know we have set the foundations for our future success…”

Fin Montein

“I now have an achievable and step-by-step action plan. More than that, I have an insight into the emotions and thoughts of my future team.”

Simon James, Astra Financial

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