Hey guys, its Christine Litera here! If you’ve found this page, then I have somehow connected with you in Johannesburg. What an awesome trip! I had such an amazing time and met so many freaking great people that I have pulled this special offer together for you.

What does it take to be successful in business? Yes taking action is the usual answer and you are going to have to get off your butt and do that, but to be truly successful, you need a strategy to surround yourself with the people who are going to step up and achieve your goals for you. That’s right, YOU will never achieve those grand goals you have; its YOUR TEAM that will do that for you.

Grab my workbook program with all of the bonuses I have pulled together (just for you Johannesburg – ssh!), and lets get cracking on your business growth, together.

(did I mention that you get direct one to one access to me?…don’t wait; I can’t offer that forever, there is only so much of this girl to go around….)


I need someone to keep me on track – my ideas are there but thankfully you are providing me with the focus I need to make them a reality – including the dreaded talent funnel stuff and what it takes to get automated.

Lisa Carey

Ellesmere Consulting

We needed someone with a professional clarity of vision to guide us as we develop strategies for our business. Christine has delivered with enthusiasm, insight and expertise.

Sam Keim

Skin Matters

Christine can read people exceptionally well. Her level of emotional intelligence is amazing and she was able to deal with and gain the respect of high level executives and the staff. She listens. Simply, she knows her sh*t.

Hosanna Smith

Limestone Financial Services


  • Exclusive access to the 9 WEEKLY TRAINING MODULES which will walk you through, step by step every core aspect of setting up and maintaining your people strategy, regardless of what stage your business is at. The modules are simple to follow and designed to give you actionable strategies that create lasting change, with a team that is connected to you, and your business goals
  • A Downloadable Workbook has been created to complement each module and attached as a .pdf so you can download, print and complete each week. I know that scribbling on scraps of paper is a sure-fire way to fail at change so I have taken care of that for you! I know you are time poor and you want a done-for-you solution; it was my goal to make your success as simple as possible!
  • Weekly Modules which are emailed to you. Taken from the original manuscript of Grow Your People Grow Your Business, the modules have been redesigned with deeper information and updated with the newest strategies for your business growth
  • Proven strategies that transform your business through attracting, engaging and retaining your most valuable asset; your people
  • The system I use to automate a management and leadership within business.Management and leadership are systems like any other; the fact that you are dealing with ‘humans and behaviour’ simply means that you systemise the process of management and leadership. I show you how and will save you so much frustration
  • Case Studies and Tips so many ways to lead effectively

…and don’t forget the AWESOME BONUSES I have packed in here just for you:

  • A ZOOM session WITH ME ssh! Don’t let this one get out. A quick powerhouse session on YOUR business, to look at how we can move you from where you are, to where you DESERVE to be
  • Exclusive invitations to any of my future events both face-to-face in South Africa, as well as my online training sessions
  • Easy-to-implement change tools, templates, checklists and tips. Everything that you will need, to save you both time and money in the real world

I’ve poured SO much effort into making this program HUGE value and will continue to do so.   I can’t wait to see you on the other side

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