Business Growth and Strategy Session

You know where you’ve been, you know where you are, and you have a pretty good idea on where you want to be next year, but what’s your roadmap between your current and future states? This workshop will give you the tools you need to assess your current business and draw up a strategy of what to next steps to move you into next year and beyond.

Strategy cannot be just for one part of your business. To achieve your goals, you need a strategic plan that not only tells you where you want to be; it also encompasses who and how you are going to achieve it.


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The Issues I Hear From Business Owners

ISSUE 1: The “I-Did-It-So-Why-Can’t-They” Issue – you hired a bunch of people with great CVs and recommendations but they don’t use any initiative and just seem to come to work for the money. You may have tried an outsourced VA but they just ‘disappeared’ after a couple of weeks

ISSUE 2: The “No-One-Applies-For My-Job” Issue – you put an ad on a job board and over a thousand-people clicked on the link and looked at it (see the job board stats) but you have under 10 applications, which may as well be none

ISSUE 3 – The “First-World-Problem” Issue – business is booming; you have so many referrals you can’t keep up and don’t have time for dealing with all of the HR issues that are arising. You just need good people who want to do the job you have but you can’t find any. You are drowning

If these issues resonate with you, it’s time to invest in you and your business, to ensure your growth is strategic, sustainable and aligned to achieving YOUR goals

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ISSUE 4 – The “Reluctant-Sole-preneur” Issue – it’s all you; it’s only you in the business and you are doing everything. You need lots of help but don’t know where to start and don’t yet have the income to hire a team. You may be a bit fearful but are ready to hire your ‘someone’ … you just can’t decide on what their role should be; support | a sales person to bring in business | onshore or offshore staff | contractor vs casual vs outsourced vs hiring….and you have rotated here for a long time maybe even trialled a few combinations of the above

ISSUE 5 – The “Not-Getting-Anywhere” Issue – You have a team (usually less than 10) and you are working even harder in the business to pay for the wages and earning less personally, than when you were on your own. You are seriously considering going back to being a sole-preneur

Book in now, for your Roadmap Strategy Workshop.

Here’s what we will design together, tailored to your business goals, during your two-hour session:

• One page Strategic ‘Future Organisation’ plan to meet your 2-3 year business goals
• 12 Roadmap
• Clarity and Next Steps as a business leader
• An attraction strategy to tailor your marketing

After the workshop, attendees will:

• Have clarity on the next step to achieving a roadmap strategy
• Understand the strategic roadmap and how to us it
• Ensure roadmaps and strategies are kept on track

What you need for your session:

• Your business goals – turnover, product, location, clients etc
• A Growth Mindset
• Focus and a desire / commitment to change

What Our Clients Say

Christine’s direction and the changes she has brought to our mode of operation has given us the focus to bring on three new services. She has given our managers the skills and ability and tools to use, to manage their teams and the day to day leadership. Such a big component of running a business.

Phil Mazey

Amaze Education

We needed someone with a professional clarity of vision to guide us as we develop strategies for our business. Christine has delivered with enthusiasm, insight and expertise.

Sam Keim

Skin Matters

Christine can read people exceptionally well. Her level of emotional intelligence is amazing and she was able to deal with and gain the respect of high level executives and the staff. She listens. Simply, she knows her sh*t.

Hosanna Smith

Limestone Financial Services

Who Should Attend

Business owners and leaders who want a better understanding of how to plan their work and work their plan. Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed in business and wanting clarity on the next step to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself, your life and your business. Results that can be repeated time and time again.

Questions I Get Asked

Q. I have a business coach, do I need this?
A. If you have a business coach…fantastic! That means you have support for setting and achieving your growth goals via your clients. Your people strategy supports that. One can’t exist without the other (see above for ‘First World Problem’ Issue). We partner with many business coaches and will link your session, to them

Q. I don’t have time to take your Roadmap Strategy Workshop out of my business JUST to plan, I’m too busy
A. I get it! We all get busy. However, we also know that a person who is committed to growing their business will MAKE time for planning….might we also add just quietly that, the point of planning for your team is so that you know when and who to hire so you aren’t doing anything….sorry, had to let you know that! Roadmap Strategy Workshop is to focus on the plan to meet your goals sounds like time well spent to me. (see above for ‘Not Getting Anywhere’ Issue)

Q. I don’t need to / I’m not ready to / I can’t afford more (any) employees right now
A. Perfect. As long as you have your goals, now is the time to strategically plan WHEN, WHO and HOW you will bring your team on, so that you don’t get to the point of being ‘desperate for staff’ and start to ‘hire desperately’. (see above for the ‘I Did it So Why Can’t They’ and the ‘Reluctant Sole-preneur’ Issues)

Q. I don’t really know if this is right for me
A. No problem. Just pop your details into the form above and we will do a mini-fact find over the phone with you…which won’t cost you anything. We will only book you in for a session if you are ready for it. We agree that it wastes everyone’s time if you personally, are not really wanting to grow your business and wealth – its ok to stay where you are right now if that’s what you want.

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